11 December 2010

recent bike dyno video

My bike on the dyno. End result: 97hp & 100Ft/Lbs

22 July 2010

Life in AZ

Just a quick update...been home 120 days now, all is well (work, Reserves, etc.). :)

07 May 2010

Hope alive...

Hopefully Uncle Jim won't be too far behind on the 'Laos list'. Here is the story.

23 April 2010

New address and UPDATE...

Well this update is overdue, but it can be summarized this way:

1) I made it home safely, not all with me did.
2) I will be back to my civilian job soon, I am excited for this!
3) I have moved recently...rather am in the middle of it. Look to the right for the address. ;)

17 March 2010

03 March 2010

24 February 2010

no more mail, please...

Less than 30 days left! Please don't send any more mail here, as I don't want it to get lost in the nether world of military mail. Thank you!

11 February 2010

10 February 2010

Fourth Combat Camera Squadron story...

The others from my unit in action! ;)

26 January 2010


So, I am down to less than 60 days left. Actually, I am still in shock with all of the support I have received over here. Coming from my unit, my family and friends...not to mention a few strangers (I.e. Fraternal Order of Eagles, Inverness, FL sent me 13 care pacakges!?).

I look forward to coming home, for a multitude of reasons. In the mean time, we are keeping very busy, which is a good thing as it means bad guys are going away.

More soon...

21 January 2010

more images released...

Some more images were released.

The night vision one is not mine, the Virin (file name) does not even match my name or Service. Oh well, you get the idea...

17 January 2010


What a gift a deployment WIN would be!!

Photo logo...

Kinda funny but still a little cool. ;)

15 January 2010


Without going into detail, I just wanted to post this link. Be home soon.